Rene Breton

Member Steering

(University of Manchester)

Rene Breton is a Professor of Astrophysics at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics. His research interests revolve around neutron stars and pulsars, transients, binary systems, tests of gravity and neutron star equation of state.

Kanthanakorn Noysena

Member Steering


K. Noysena is a researcher at NARIT. His research interest is multi-messenger astronomy that concerns gravitational waves and
electromagnetic waves.

Laura Nuttall

Member Steering
Coordinator Outreach/Education

(University of Portsmouth)

Laura is a Reader of Astrophysics and a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow. Her research interests are in kilonovae and any other counterparts to gravitational wave events. Laura also works in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.

Rubina Kotak

Member Steering
Coordinator SN

(University of Turku)

Paul O’Brien

Member Steering

(University of Leicester)

Paul has research interests in explosive transients, tidal disruption events and multi-messenger sources. In addition to GOTO, Paul is an investigator on several space missions designed to find transients and survey the sky at high energies.

James McCormac

Project Manager

(University of Warwick)

Martin Dyer

Head of Control Systems
Coordinator Technical

(University of Sheffield)

Martin is a postdoctoral researcher working on GOTO operations, control software and scheduling. From 2015-19 he developed the GOTO Telescope Control System as his PhD research project.

Krzysztof Ulaczyk

Head of Operations

(University of Warwick)

Krzysztof is responsible for GOTO operations, hardware maintenance and data processing. He’s also involved in OGLE project and has background in sky surveys and variable stars.

Joe Lyman

Head of dataflow
Coordinator SN

(University of Warwick)

Joe Lyman is a software developer for the GOTO project, working on the real-time pipeline and marshall. His science interests are astrophysical transients, such as supernovae, gamma-ray bursts and kilonovae, and the galaxies they inhabit.

Gavin Ramsay

Co-Chair Executive Board
Member Steering

(Armagh Observatory)

Gavin has interests in accreting binaries, transients and activity on stars.