The GOTO team

The GOTO Observatory is a collaboration between the Astronomy and Astrohpysics group at the Unversity of Warwick and the Monash Centre for Astrophysics, with support of the Monash-Warwick Alliance. Additional collaborators are at Armagh Observatory, the University of Sheffield, the University of Leicester and National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand.

People involved are

University of Warwick
Danny Steeghs (PI)
Krzysztof Ulaczyk
Don Pollacco
Andrew Levan
Tom Marsh
Richard West
Ryan Cutter
Monash University
Duncan Galloway (PI)
Evert Rol
Alexander Heger
Daniel Price
Michael Brown
Eric Thrane
University of Sheffield
Vik Dhillon
Stuart Littlefair
Martin Dyer
James Mullaney
Ed Daw
Justyn Maud
Lydia Makrygianni
University of Leicester
Paul O'Brien
Rhaana Starling
Armagh Observatory
Gavin Ramsay
National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
Saran Poshyachinda
Suparerk Aukkaravittayapun
Utane Sawangwit
Previous members
Darren White (University of Warwick)