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The Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer

The Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer (GOTO) project has as its primary objective to identify optical counterparts to gravitational wave events.

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The GOTO prototype at Roque de Los Muchachos observatory, La Palma, Canary Islands.


The GOTO project consists of multiple wide-field telescopes on a single mount, necessary to map the large source regions on the sky that accompany detections of gravitational waves with LIGO and Virgo. An initial prototype phase using a single mount with 4 telescope units made observations from 2017 onwards, including throughout the 3rd LIGO/Virgo observing period (O3), The second phase will deploy a full-scale instrument at the La Palma site, as well as developing a second site in Australia.

The project is a collaboration between Warwick University, Monash University, University of Sheffield, University of Leicester, Armagh Observatory & Planetarium, the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, University of Turku, University of Portsmouth University of Manchester and the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.