The Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer

GOTO location visualisation
The feature site of GOTO, at the La Palma observatory. A mock-up of the GOTO dome is photoshopped in; it is the dome on the far right.


10 Mar 2017 — Post-doctoral research fellows in astrophysical transients

10 Mar 2017 — PhD position to search for counterparts to gravitational waves at the University of Leicester


The Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer (GOTO) is a project to identify optical counterparts to gravitational wave events.

The GOTO project consists of a set of wide-field telescopes on a single mount, necessary to map the large source regions on the sky that accompany detections of gravitational waves with LIGO and VIRGO. After an initial test phase using a prototype instrument in 2016, the second phase aims for deployment of the full instrument. A later phase may see a second telescope in Australia.