Summer McLaughlin
Dan Jarvis
Amit Kumar

Amit is a postdoc with the GOTO team at the University of Warwick. His primary research interest lies in time-domain astronomy, e.g., Supernovae, Gamma-ray bursts, and Gravitational-wave candidates. He is also contributing to calibrating GOTO’s optical detectors and data reduction pipeline.

Felipe Jimenez-ibarra

Felipe is a Research Fellow at Monash University. His research focus is accreting compact binaries, and he is also interested in web development and data reduction pipelines.

Miti Patel

Miti is a PhD student working with Paul O’Brien at University of Leicester. Her research is primarily on observational properties of gamma-ray bursts. She is also involved with overseeing the GOTO telescope.

Ben Warwick
Ben Godson
James Munday
David O’Neill
Don Pollaco