Felipe Jimenez-ibarra

Felipe is a Research Fellow at Monash University. His research focus is accreting compact binaries, and he is also interested in web development and data reduction pipelines.

Amit Kumar

Amit is a postdoc with the GOTO team at the University of Warwick. His primary research interest lies in time-domain astronomy, e.g., Supernovae, Gamma-ray bursts, and Gravitational-wave candidates. He is also contributing to calibrating GOTO’s optical detectors and data reduction pipeline.

Paul Chote

Paul helps develop and maintain GOTO’s La Palma facilities and software infrastructure. He is interested in time domain astrophysics and space domain awareness in addition to robotic telescopes and instrumentation.

Hanin Kuncarayakti

Coordinator Host Galaxies

(University of Turku)

Mark Kennedy

Cordinator Variable stars

(University College Cork)

Mark is a Government of Ireland postdoctoral fellow at University College Cork, Ireland. His interests are in studying stellar remnants in the Milky Way, and through the “Invisible Monsters” project, he will be searching for the missing galactic black hole population in the next generation of all sky surveys.

Seppo Mattila

Cordinator TDEs

(University of Turku)

Rob Eyles-Ferris

Cordinator TDEs

(University of Leicester)

Rob is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leicester. His work focuses on a variety of astrophysical transients including gamma-ray bursts and tidal disruption events. He is also a member of the Swift satellite’s UK team.

Ben Gompertz

Coordinator GRBs

(University of Birmingham)

Ben researches a variety of explosive transients, primarily short gamma-ray bursts and kilonovae; the electromagnetic counterparts produced when neutron star binaries or neutron star – black hole systems merge.

Rhaana Starling

Coordinator GRBs

(University of Leicester)

Rhaana is an Associate Professor at the University of Leicester, researching astrophysical transients. She combines observations from space and from the ground to understand the physics behind gamma-ray bursts, tidal disruption events and unidentified transients, as well as studying supermassive black holes in active galaxies.

David O’Neill

Marshall developer

(University of Warwick)