The GOTO telescopes

GOTO telescope concept
A rendering of the GOTO telescope: a single mount can carry up to eight wide-field telescopes. Starting initially with four telescopes, the project is easily scalable.

The telescopes are deployed in phases, and the project is set up such that it can scale easily.

Initial Phase

The first phase is operating at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos, on the island of La Palma.

Four unit telescopes using a 50M pixel detector will be deployed on a single mount. This will deliver approximately a five square degree field of view per telescope, with a pixel scale of 1.25 arcsec. A wide optical passband is used, which should result in a depth of 20 - 21 magnitude in 5 minutes, largely dependent on sky brightness/moon phase.

GOTO telescope - 4 OTAs

Second phase

The telescope will be scaled up to 8 telescopes total on a single mount, to cover a total 40 square degree field of view.

GOTO telescope - 8 OTAs

Third phase

A third phase foresees a further set of telescopes in a second dome.

GOTO telescope - 16 OTAs

Fourth phase and beyond

Construction of the Southern node in Australia.